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It gets easier from here.
  • Discover your networth and monthly cashflow.
  • Match your goals with the best offensive and defensive strategies.
  • Get suggestions for how to distribute your cashflow.
  • Track all your goals and accounts all in one place.
  • Recieve support anytime from our financial mentors.

Take over your money in four simple steps


Sync up your bank accounts, debts, and investments and choose your current financial goals. We will help you identify your greatest priorities.


Once you identify the goals most important to you, we plan out the best way forward. We link each goal to the best options, whether it be a simple savings account, Roth IRA, or insurance plan.


We put your plan to action by automating your cashflow into your plan. Check in whenever you want and get updates on your monthly cash flow distribution.


Your goals are secured. Now live your life. Track your progress in real-time and celebrate as they are achieved.

Financial Education Resources

Personalized financial education

Our Financial Roadmaps are educational resources designed specifically for you. You identify your greatest stressors, and we teach you the best strategies to eliminate them from your life.

Defensive Strategies
Emergency Savings
Debt Elimination
Risk Management
Offensive Strategies
Major Purchases
Retirement Savings
Wealth Accumulation

Stay up to date

We are regulary adding content to our educational library and adding features to our app often. Get updated as they happen!

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